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Cross Country Success

The first big sporting event of the new school year took place on Wednesday in Thurles. Over 3000 students from all over Tipperary came to take part in the 3rd/4th class and 5th/6th class cross country races. The school were training hard for this since we returned after the holidays so hopes were high that our team of 41 students would bring home some

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School Sports Day

Our school sports day took place last Thursday. There were a huge amount of activities for the students to take part in all day. Combine that with the sun shining bright, the delicious barbeque and the many parents and teachers helping out and I don’t think it is an exaggeration to say this was our most enjoyable sports day yet. The children took part

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1K a Day

Our latest school wide activity challenged the children to run or walk 1km per day for two weeks. The aim was to get the students as fit as possible for our Active School Week which started yesterday. The run took ten minutes to do and the children had the choice of running around the courts 8 times or doing 3 laps of the field.

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Active School Week

Our Active School Week is a new initiative we have introduced in the school. Instead of having just a sports day we are now expanding to incorporate a full week of interesting activties. The weather looks like being perfect for the week so – Let’s Get Moving! When? Mon, May 30th – Fri, June 3rd, Activities: each day we plan on getting the whole

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Active Flag Updates

The school has been very active over the last few weeks and things are about to go into overdrive between here and the school holidays. The school would like to congratulate our recent medal winners in boxing and Irish dancing. There were plenty of other activities taking place in the school over the last few weeks and we have a number of things kicking

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