Term 2 Ends

Wow that term just flew by! When the school gets back to normal you realise how many cool things there are on the calendar that just make the year fly-by. The second half of this term saw students in 6th class make their Confirmation, we had the return of extracurricular activities and sporting matches, we had a victorious outing at the St. Patrick’s Day parade, we took part in our first Chess tournament and there was lots more news which you can read about below ⬇️

Confirmation: Congratulations to all our 6th class students who made their Confirmation in March. We hope you enjoyed the big occasion. It was great to be back in a full church once again with all our friends and families in attendance. We had perfect weather for the day and with a full choir singing their hearts out, it proved to be a joyous occasion. Thank you to all the teachers who prepared the choir and played music for the ceremony and thanks to Fr Treacy, Fr Harding, Fr Corbett and Marko’s uncle Anton for celebrating Confirmation with us.


Enroll in Corville: If you are thinking about enrolling your son or daughter in our school, take a look at the enrollment video we created. It gives you an idea of the type of school we are. We always try to go above and beyond for our students. We promise to do our best for your child so get in contact with the school soon to enroll.

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Now back to the news…………

St. Patrick’s Day Parade: Congratulations to all the teachers and students who marched in the parade in Roscrea. Our theme this year was ‘superheroes’ and our ‘super’ performance was good enough to win the overall prize from the judges! Students from 1st and 2nd class accompanied our teachers on the route. They performed a dance routine to the song ‘Holding Out For A Hero’ by Bonnie Tyler, for the judges. There was a huge crowd at the parade and it was our great pleasure to take part in such a big event. Thanks to all the organisers and wider community for the great effort put in to making this such a special occasion.





Seachtain na Gaeilge: in March we celebrated Seachtain na Gaeilge in Corville. There were a wide range of activities for the students to enjoy. Each day there were Pop-up Gaeltachts taking place around the school where various classes would mix together to converse in Irish for 20 minutes. Classes had the opportunity to learn chess in Irish. Classes from 6th down to 2nd took part in Radio na Corvilla – here the classes had to speak on the intercom and tell us all about the Irish activities going on in their classrooms. They also recited poems and gave us our Frása an lae. We had colouring competitions, quizzes, dances and noticeboard design competitions. The big day is always our Lá Glas on Friday where students get to dress up in green for the day.









Chess Tournament: Corville took part in the ‘Lá Fichille’ online chess tournament in March. This was our first time entering the competition and we managed to come 11th out of 42 teams from around the country. Chess gives students who might not have represented the school in sports before a chance to pull on the school jerseys and compete for their school. Conor and Fionn in 6th class did a wonderful job as joint captains. Our team of 25 students all had great fun on the day and they were buzzing afterwards. Chess is something we will be promoting a lot in the coming years to help with focus, thinking ahead, respect, problem solving and to develop social skills. If you think your child would be interested then make sure they join our chess club.




School Assembly: After almost a 2 year absence, we had our first school assembly in April. It might seem like such a small thing, but it is the one time in the week where we all get together to celebrate the achievements of our students and school. For two years, students have been kept apart from one another but now we can come together once again to generate that strong Corville spirit.


Girl’s Soccer: we brought a huge squad of 38 girls from 3rd to 6th to a friendly match in Nenagh and performed very well. The quality of soccer on display from our girls was super. We played with confidence, skill and composure and behaved very well on the day too.





Green Flag: in Tern 2 we had a Green School inspection on the topic of ‘Global Citizenship and Marine Environments’. We hope to soon receive word that we will earn our 9th Green Flag for the school. Our focus was very much on all things water related for this project and it was great to see the whole school contributing in many different ways.





‘An Maidrin Rua’ Nature School: Both 6th classes got a wonderful opportunity to visit ‘An Maidrin Rua’ Nature School in Nenagh. This was a water themed programme where the students got to explore a water habitat – they saw all the flora and fauna associated with rivers, they built rafts, they got to go in a canoe and swim in the cold water if they were brave enough! There was also a nearby forest where the students learned Bushcraft – how to build shelters, filter water, start fires etc. They also learned how to work with stone and make arches and stone carvings. This all took place over 2 days for each class (4 days in total).







Random Photos from Term 2


Signs of Spring

“No matter how long the Winter, Spring is sure to follow” – that proverb seems both literally and metaphorically true at the moment. The daffodils are out, the days are getting longer, the grass is getting cut and the students are back playing on the field. With the relaxation of Covid restrictions it also feels like we have have entered a new, brighter season. There are plenty of reasons to feel happy and we have lots of exciting things to look forward to in Corville over the next few months.

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Term 2 saw a number of visitors come to the school.

Tipp FM: First up we had a visit from Andy Looby and Tipp FM. They visited 5th Class to make recordings for a competition they were holding. Our students were really excited hearing themselves on the radio each morning.

Erasmus+ Project: In the past week we have welcomed teachers from all over Europe to our school. They came here as part of an Erasmus+ project that gives teachers in different European countries the chance to experience what school is like in other countries. These teachers took the time to teach a lesson about their home country to various classes in the school. This also provided a great opportunity for classes to engage in geography projects about those countries and to decorate the halls of Corville.

A Visit from Superman:it’s a bird, it’s a plane, It’s … Mr. Slattery (dressed up for World Book Day).

When your principal is walking around the school as Superman you know that something a little different is happening in school. This change to normal proceedings was Literacy Week in school, where the focus switched to all things book related. Students and teachers got to dress up as their favourite characters from books for World Book Day. There were also daily riddles to solve and daily DEAR (Drop Everything and Read) sessions. A new activity for this year was the Literacy Classroom Door Competition. For this, each class had to design their classroom door to represent a well known book. This certainly brightened up the corridors!


Return of Extra-Curricular Activities: with the relaxation of the the Covid restrictions in school, we can now re-start many of our extracurricular activities which have been sorely missed over the last while. Competitions will be starting up again and that gives us something to focus on. Over the next few weeks we should see Hurling, camogie, soccer, basketball, tennis, chess etc. all returning, so keep an eye and an ear open for when they get going again. As always, we encourage all our students to take part. Healthy body, healthy mind!

6th Class Retreat: preparation for Confirmation continues in 6th class. Recently they made the trip to De La Salle in Castletown for a Confirmation Retreat. Derek, Mícheál and Maria looked after us very well done there and gave us all a fun, and enjoyable day out. It won’t be long now until the Confirmation which take place on Saturday, March 26th. We wish our 6th Class students the best of luck on the day.

Art Projects: the noticeboards and hallways of Corville are awash with colour at the moment as our students engage in a wide range of interesting art projects. Here is just a small example of that work.


Pancake Tuesday: There was a lovely smell of pancakes wafting through the school on Tuesday. I think there might just have been one or two pancakes on the menu for the students!

Busy at Work: sometimes at Corville hard work can look quite fun!

6th Class Blog: Students from 6th class get an opportunity to create their own class blog on our school website. This blog details the various activities the class engages in. Two students each week are selected to update the blog and take photographs. The students learn important skills such as photography, editing, formatting, website updating etc. This year, they have called their blog – The Big Blog. You can view their updates on our website at the following link: http://www.corvillens.com/category/6th-class-blog/

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas 🎵

Update – Dec 2021: The countdown to Christmas is very much underway in Corville. There are just over 2 weeks left until we get our Christmas holidays and our students are very busy making their classrooms all Christmassy. Term 1 has passed by extremely quickly. Even though our school hasn’t quite returned to normal with Covid restrictions still in place, we are succeeding in keeping our spirits high and we are just getting on with things as best we can. In this latest website update we will just give you a small sample of the things we have been getting up to in the school this term.

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Getting ready for Christmas: at Corville we always put a big effort into making the school look all Christmassy. This year is no exception. We have gone all out and put up Christmas lights all around the school! The inside of the school is looking like Santa’s grotto with all the trees, decorations, artwork, lights, baubles etc. It really is a special time of year.


Science Week: we had a very successful science week in Corville. There were lots of experiments, exhibitions (courtesy of Our Lady’s Secondary School Templemore), videos, lessons and quizzes going on each day. Hopefully we will help inspire some of our students to become scientists in the future.

Maths Week: we had another challenging maths week this year. Students took part in maths quizzes, tables competitions, maths trails, video demonstrations, and a range of other lessons and projects. At the end of the week a mathematician of the week was selected from each class. The aim of the week was to make maths fun for all and that was certainly achieved!

Halloween: all our students dressed up for Halloween in their scariest outfits. There was some wonderful creativity in the costume design. Lots of Halloween themed art projects were undertaken and there were lots of fun and games too.

Erasmus+: our school has been taking part in the Erasmus+ European project. This involves our school linking up with other schools from around Europe to research certain projects and to experience what it is like for teachers and students in other countries. Sometimes it involves bringing our students abroad, and sometimes it is just the teachers. In this term, a delegation of 4 teachers from Corville travelled to The Netherlands the Erasmus+ project.

Hot Food: this year we have been very grateful for the new hot food lunches that we get to enjoy at lunch time. The students really look forward to their lunches every day. It means that no child will ever go hungry at our school. You order your food online and it gets delivered right to our classroom door.

Extracurricular Activities: there might not be any competitions to go to but we are still acting as if they will be and proceeding with our extracurricular activities. So far this term there has been hurling, camogie, soccer, craft club, gardening club, lego club, chess club, choir, homework club and guitar lessons on offer. There really is something for everyone. The numbers in attendance have been huge and it shows that there is a great appetite for things to return to normal. Hopefully this happens early in 2022.

Students of the Week: each week, a student of the week is selected from each class. It is great to see the pride on the faces of the winners. They would have shown great manners and worked hard in the previous week. Don’t worry if you haven’t won it yet – your time will come!

Success Outside of Corville: we always take delight in seeing our students and community doing well. We strongly encourage our students to support all the clubs in Roscrea and to represent our community with pride. As a school we would like to say well done to all the teams and coaches around Roscrea who work very hard with our students every week. Together, we can really make a difference.

6th Class Blog: Students from 6th class get an opportunity to create their own class blog on our school website. This blog details the various activities the class engages in. Two students each week are selected to update the blog and take photographs. The students learn important skills such as photography, editing, formatting, website updating etc. This year, they have called their blog – The Big Blog. You can view their updates on our website at the following link: http://www.corvillens.com/category/6th-class-blog/

Tús maith leath na hoibre

A good start is half the work, so they say. Here at Corville we got back into the swing of things very quickly and we are doing some great work. All our students have settled into their new classrooms well and they are working hard. If they work hard good things will happen. Those good things are about to kick off this week with the restarting of many of the extra-curricular activities the school is well known for providing. This week we have hurling, camogie, soccer, tennis, rugby, guitar, homework clubs, Lego and chess clubs starting. We urge all our students to get involved and embrace the positive school spirit.

Facebook: we would like to direct you towards our Facebook page for more regular updates and photos from the school. It is the best way to keep in touch with what is going on. You can visit our Facebook page here and give us a Like!

First Holy Communion: Congrats to all the boys and girls from last year’s 2nd class (now in 3rd class) who finally got to make their First Holy Communion today. We hope you all had a super day. Thanks also to everyone involved in making this day a big success.



New 6th Class Blog: we have a new class taking up the challenge of updating the 6th class blog. They have named their new blog – ‘Big Blog’ and they hope to have weekly updates from their classroom. You can check out their new blog >> here . One of their first updates was the ‘Whoosh experiment’ conducted in the class to show jet propulsion. This is always an exciting one!


Photos from the first few weeks: we have thrown together a few photos from the various classes below. You can find more on our Facebook page. You can see various class selfies, Maths Stations, Peacock Art, Ultimate Frisbee,Tag Rugby, Lego, Bee hives, art pieces, nature trail, Communion Art, a Half Self Portrait for Art, Tie Dye T-shirts, GoNoodle, a paper chain Stem challenge and house construction using lollipop sticks. We also have photos from the recent Communion and some of our recent Students of the Week.






























The Start of a New School Year 2021 / 2022

Dear Parents/Guardians,

We are delighted to commence a new school year with new faces entering Corville for an exciting school adventure. As always, we are looking forward to magical days in school and the buzz of sharing the dreams with your children is always very special for us teachers. We have prepared the school over the Summer months to ensure we are ready for the safe return of the boys and girls for the year ahead.

While we still have Covid guidelines to abide by to ensure we all stay safe, we as a community are more prepared and very positive heading into a new year. Click here to download a Covid-19 ‘return to school’ questionnaire that must be filled out similar to last year for the safe return of all pupils. Please print, complete and return with your child on their first day back Monday 30th August. The school will have our Covid-19 response plan in place that abides with department guidelines.

HSE has listed the following as common symptoms:

  • A fever (high temperature – 38 degrees Celsius or above)
  • A new cough – this can be any kind of cough, not just dry.
  • Shortness of breath or breathing difficulty
  • Loss or change in your sense of smell or taste
  • Fatigue
  • Aches and pains

Other uncommon symptoms of Covid-19 are:

  • Sore throat
  • Headaches
  • Runny or stuffy noses
  • Feeling sick or vomiting
  • Diarrhea

Symptoms may be subject to change so regular review of the HSE Website is advised.

If your child is unwell, showing the above symptoms please take them to your GP and keep them at home until they are better to ensure our school is kept safe. Any child showing Covid-19 symptoms in school will be placed in the isolation room and their parents contacted immediately. Should you need to contact the school in relation to Covid-19 please phone/text our HSCL teacher Mr. John Hogan at 087 4038722.

New Building project for Corville: it is great to have stage 1 of our building project commenced. Stage 1 of the project will involve the creation of our new long awaited car park with 45 new spaces located behind the goals and the arrival of a temporary prefab for our new Autism class. The project started behind schedule with unforeseen setbacks but we will do everything possible to complete stage 1 without too many inconveniences for our community. Please note there are fixed safety bollards at the front of the school to ensure your children are safe when entering and exiting the school. Stage 2 of the project will involve constructing a permanent building to replace the prefab and new classrooms for our school and replace our existing sewage system. Stage 2 will commence with planning approval and following Department building guidelines. It is a very exciting time for our community and I am thrilled all the hard work undertaken by the Board of Management has paid off. We ask all parents to be patient on days there may be hold ups collecting/dropping off your children, while the projects are in construction as the projects will result in a state of the art school campus for our pupils. Thank you to everyone involved creating a great school.




Mobile Phones & Internet Bullying: A big issue that arose last year in school was internet bullying and problems related to mobile phones outside of school hours. We are asking all parents to check your child’s mobile phones regularly to ensure your child is safe at all times and not exposed to adult material. We have a strict no mobile phone policy in place that prohibits pupils either bringing in or using a mobile phone while in school. Any child that brings a phone to school without Board approval will be sent home.

Uniform: Please ensure with a new school year that every child has the correct navy school uniform. The uniform can be purchased in Shaw’s with stocks to accommodate all.

New – Hot Food: Our school is delighted to have hot food available for all pupils this year. Each child was given a sheet with the company’s information and their account details. Please fill in your child’s order as per guidelines. We are very excited to announce that our school has just qualified for breakfast food also. Details with the new breakfast project for all pupils will be sent to you at a future date. If you are having any problems ordering the food or the service you can contact Tara at tara@freshtoday.ie or 085 7207382.

School Opening Times:

  • All Junior and Senior infant classes commencing at 9.10am
  • 5th and 6th classes will commence at 9.10am
  • 1st / 2nd / 3rd and 4th will commence at 9.20am

School Closing Times:

  • All Junior and Senior infant classes at 1.55pm
  • 5th and 6th classes at 2.50pm
  • 1st / 2nd / 3rd and 4th classes at 3pm

New Lunch Time: Please note a new lunch time in Corville will be 12.45pm – 1.15pm for all pupils.

The office will be unattended from 12.15pm – 12.45pm so if you need to collect your child please ensure you do it before or after these times to avoid waiting outside. All visitors must report to the office and wait outside in the yard at all times.    

Junior infants finish at 12pm for the first two weeks. Please ensure all parents wait outside the school gates both at morning and finishing time daily.

Final Word: As always a huge thank you to all the parents, guardians and grandparents who support and keep our school a safe place. We are very thankful for all your understanding and patience. A huge thank you to all our staff for their great work and friendship they show the pupils and myself on a daily basis. Here’s to a great year.

John Slattery

A Final Goodbye to the Class of 2021: Summer Confirmation Ceremonies

Congratulations to all our former 6th class students who made their Confirmation last week. The Confirmation Ceremonies were held over 2 days with Mr. Scully’s class on Thursday and Ms. Madden’s class on Friday. We would like to thank Fr.Harding, Fr.Treacy and Fr.Corbett for helping to prepare the students, and for guiding them through a lovely Confirmation ceremony. It was a huge relief to be able to finally host this big day after such a lengthy delay. It was also lovely to be able to have a small class reunion before each student heads off to pastures new. We wish all our former students all the best in the future.