Extra Curricular Activities

Our school hosts a range of activities both within and outside of the school day. Hurling, Gaelic Football, Soccer, Athletics, Basketball, Tag Rugby and Swimming, which are part of the Primary School Curriculum, take place within the school day.

Children have opportunities to part take in Tennis, Choral Singing, Gaelic Games, Irish Dancing, Drama and Quizzes during After School classes which teachers organise outside of the school day hours.

Each year all classes go on a school tour. This trip lasts for the duration on the day and involves the pupils engaging in a fun and educational activity. So far the pupils have visited outdoor pursuit centres, historical sites, play areas, open farms and parks to name but a few.

During the school year there are various fundraising and sporting activities organised. The highlight of the year has to be the School Sports Day. This is an annual event full of fun and sport for the children. Sixth Class get a chance to play against the Teachers in a sport of their choice. Parents are invited to attend this sporting spectacle.

Walk to Work (WOW) days are held annually to encourage both children and their parents to walk to school.