Staff and Management

Who works in our school?

We have a caring and dedicated team of staff working at the school. The staff and Board of Management work hard to ensure all aspects of the school run smoothly.

Principal Mr John Slattery
Mainstream Class Teachers
Junior Infants Ms. Darcy
Ms. McMahon (Deputy Principal)
Senior Infants Ms. Frawley
Ms. Bourke
First Class Ms. O’Connell
Mr. Scott
Second Class Ms.  Darcy
Mr. Stapleton
Third Class Ms. Browne
Ms. O’Brien
Fourth Class Ms. Maher
Mr. Phelan
Fifth Class Ms. Ryan

Ms. Madden (Assistant Principal)

Sixth Class Ms. Fitzpatrick

Mr. Scully

Autism Unit Ms. McManus
Learning Support/Resource
Ms. Atkinson
Mr. Darcy
Ms. Browne
Ms. Shanahan
Ms. McCormack
Ms. Dillon
HSCL Teacher Mr. Hogan
Secretary Martina O’Donoghue
Special Needs Assistants Ms. Sherlock
Ms. Ryan
Ms. Brennan
Ms. Hanniffy
Ms. Hayes
Cleaning Staff Audrey Wright
Michael Fletcher