Healthy Eating Plan

Scoil Iosef Naofa, through these guidelines, aims to help all those involved in our school community in developing positive and responsible attitudes to eating, and to appreciate the contribution that good food makes to health.

What people eat is known to be a key factor influencing health. Research indicates a strong link between diet and performance (e.g. a low sugar intake promotes concentration, lessens hyperactivity, protects teeth and lessens the risk of diabetes. A low salt intake reduces the risk of heart disease in life).

This Policy AIMS to

Ensure that all aspects of food and nutrition in school promote the well-being of our pupils.
Foster in our pupils an awareness of the importance of having a balanced healthy diet.
Improve the eating habits of children.
Influence positively the future eating habits of children.
Assist Parents in ensuring that children have a healthy balanced diet.
Facilitate improved concentration and learning.
Fulfil the food and nutrition guidelines issued by the Department in 2003.

Note: A breakfast before children come to school is vital to help concentration


The following guide is designed to help parents to provide quick, appetizing and nutritious lunches for their children.

Encourage wholemeal or wholegrain varieties of bread, etc.
Use butter or spreads sparingly.
Include a drink at lunch.
Include salad vegetables in sandwiches and salad boxes.
Include at least one piece of fruit at lunch.
Encourage that milk, cheese or yogurt is included as part of lunch.
Encourage that meat, chicken, fish, egg or cheese is included as part of the lunchbox.

Recommend Foods
Bread, Rolls, Pitta Breads, Wraps, Crackers, Pasta, Rice
Ham, Chicken, Turkey, Hardboiled Eggs, Fish, (Tuna/Sardines), Peanut Butter
Vegetable Salad (lettuce, cucumber, sweet-corn, tomato) Vegetable Sticks (carrot, celery, peppers)
Fresh Fruit (apples, mandarins, peaches, pears, plums, bananas, kiwis, oranges)
Dried Fruit (raisins, sultanas, apricots, figs)
Pizza, Quiche, Omelette
Cheese, Yogurt, Fromage Frais, Plain Popcorn
Fairy Cakes, Brack, Scones
Water, Milk, Unsweetened Pure Fruit Juice

Not Recommended Foods
Chocolate Products
Fruit Winders, Lollipops
Cereal / Energy Bars
Any snack known to be high in sugar, saturated, fat, salt, additives and preservatives
Fizzy Drinks

Note: Each child must be capable of managing all of his lunch by himself e.g. opening of cartons, flasks, etc. For health & safety reasons hot water for soup, etc. cannot be supplied

Children with Special Dietary Requirements: Parents must inform the school if their child has special dietary requirements due to health or cultural reasons.


The BOM encourages and supports the promotion of tasting and eating Vegetables and Fruit through the Food-Dudes Programme, promoted by Bord Bia and the HSE.


As a Green Flag School to reduce litter and protect our school environment please note :-
All uneaten food, silver paper, wrappings, containers and cartons must be taken home in lunchboxes.
For safety reasons cans and glass are not permitted.

The curriculum provides an opportunity to teach about food and healthy lifestyles. Scoil Iosef Naofa. endeavours to provide a positive modelling and supportive attitude to encourage healthy eating with initiatives e.g. Food Dudes, School Garden, etc.