WHOOSH experiment

Whoosh experiment: Hello Corville parents and students.This Big Blog Post is about the first science lesson we did this year. We learned about physics and focused on astronomy after that. We learned how big the universe is and how small our little planet is. We talked about the topic of time travel and we came to agree that for the moment it is impossible!

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The Big Blog

Welcome to the ‘Big Blog’, the new blog for Mr. Scully’s 6th Class in Corville. Here you will find all the latest news from our class. We look forward to keeping this updated all year round. There is a lot of work involved but we can do it!

Blog Update #22

Learning Guitar: In Mr. Scully’s 6th class we are learning guitar. We have learned five chords. We have already preformed for Dani. We have learned one song [Songbird by Oasis] and we are learning another song [Riptide by Vance Joy] a well known song.Learning guitar is so fun! Portrait Art: Lets face it, we did self portrait and learned how to draw people and

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Blog Update #1

We are the new 6th class and here is our first blog post of the New Year!

6th Class Blog 20/21