The Big Blog 5

Family History: In history class we recently had to do a project on our family history for homework. After focusing on the entire historical timeline of Ireland it was cool to be able to place our own family history somewhere on that timeline. In the class, there were plenty of Celts, Vikings, Normans, English and more recent immigrants to Ireland from mainland Europe. We put the boy’ s histories over the boys bathroom and the girl’s histories over the girls bathroom. Each project had a Coat of Arms and a description of the history of that family name.

Silhouettes: In art class, we did a cool silhouette project. Each student made a silhouette of their face and placed it on a colourful background. Some people used watercolours and some people drew stuff to make an interesting background. We took photos of our faces and then printed those pictures and put them on a black sheet of card. Finally we cut our faces out to make a silhouette. We put the pictures over Mr. Scully’s table on a display line.

Jack’s lesson: Each week a student in the class has to teach a lesson to everyone else. This week it was the turn of Jack, who did a student lesson on basketball. He made up his own drills and taught the lesson well. We split into two groups after the drills and played a match. We had great craic! It takes a lot of courage to get up in front of the class to teach a lesson so well done to Jack!


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