The Big Blog 10

Hello everyone, today we will tell you about three things we did in 6th class.

Clay heads: Last Friday in art class everyone here in 6th class made clay heads. Some people varied from the human head to something like a bird or an octopus or even fictional characters. As of making this post they are not painted but when they are they will be extraordinary. For my clay head I made Micheal Myers.

Volleyball: we our learning a new sport this week in PE. We have never played volleyball before but we really enjoyed our first class of it. The skill we were learning was how to dig/bump the ball. It was tricky at first but by the end of the class we were getting the hang of it. We played a game at the end of the class where we had to throw a volleyball over the net and the opposite team had to work hard to stop the ball from hitting the ground on their side.

Students of the Week: congratulations to all our recent winners of the Student of the Week competition. Winners always display great behaviour and they lead by example.



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