The Big Blog 3

Maths Week: before the Halloween holidays we had a very enjoyable maths week. The highlights were the two finals we had on Friday. The first final was for a Tables competition, where Michael, Jack O’T, Christian, Ryan and Fionn made it to the final. In the end, it was Ryan who triumphed over Michael in 2nd place. The main final was our ‘Fastest on

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The Big Blog 2

Guitar: Mr. Scully is teaching us guitar in school. Our aim is to be able to play songs on the guitar for Graduation. We are learning a song called Songbird and Perfect by Ed Sheeran. Our next song will be ‘Save Your Tears’ by The Weeknd. We are learning new chords all the time and so far we have learned the chords G major,

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The Big Blog 1

Students of the Week: in September we have had 4 students of the week. First to win the prize was Conor, then Alex, Torres and Lucy. The common theme for all students was hard work and leading by example which is important in 6th class. Every time a student wins this prize they receive a ticket for our Guess What? reward system. The first

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WHOOSH experiment

Whoosh experiment: Hello Corville parents and students.This Big Blog Post is about the first science lesson we did this year. We learned about physics and focused on astronomy after that. We learned how big the universe is and how small our little planet is. We talked about the topic of time travel and we came to agree that for the moment it is impossible!

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The Big Blog

Welcome to the ‘Big Blog’, the new blog for Mr. Scully’s 6th Class in Corville. Here you will find all the latest news from our class. We look forward to keeping this updated all year round. There is a lot of work involved but we can do it!