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6th Class Blog – Week 1

Student Lesson: Every week one of the students in class has to teach the class a lesson of their choice. This can be quite nerve wrecking but great fun at the same time. Sheena and Madison were first up and they taught our class how to dance! Everyone really enjoyed this fantastically, fun lesson! Preparing for the Dance: Sheena, Madison and Kelly are also preparing

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Out with the Old, in with the New

We are taking over the blog and we are very thrilled and extremely enthusiastic to be doing this years blog.We will be giving you interesting updates three times a week every week.There will be two different students working on the blog this week its James Carroll and James Gleeson

6th Class Signing Off

Our blogging adventures have come to an end. We really hope you liked all the stories we penned. It is great that our class has started this trend, now we pass the blog on for another to attend.

6th Class Blog – Week 24

Preparation for Graduation: We are spending a lot of time preparing for our graduation which is on Thursday. We spend most of the day making noticeboards and practicing the songs we’re singing. We are all very excited for the graduation but sad to be leaving Corville. Geometricity: In maths, we have been trying to make a 3-D city. Its boys (and Ella) vs the girls. We

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6th Class Blog – Week 23

School Tour: On Wednesday both 6th classes went on there school tour. On day one we went snow tubing and unfortunately, we did not get to play foot golf as we got stuck in traffic.We then went to Nando’s. The food was lovely and we got frozen yogurt after. We went shopping after our food. We were split into small groups of about six

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