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6th Class Blog – Week 23

School Tour: On Wednesday both 6th classes went on there school tour. On day one we went snow tubing and unfortunately, we did not get to play foot golf as we got stuck in traffic.We then went to Nando’s. The food was lovely and we got frozen yogurt after. We went shopping after our food. We were split into small groups of about six

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6th Class Blog- Week 22

Geography Project: Last week, our class started a new geography project about different countries. We are doing five countries; Egypt, Japan, Italy, America, and Germany. We are all working really hard on the project and it’s going very well.         Tammy’s Lesson: On Friday, Tammy did her student lesson. She chose to bake buns with lots of different toppings on them! Everyone got

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6th Class Blog – Week 21

Student Teachers – Ciara & Lauren: it was the turn of Ciara and Lauren to teach the clall a lesson of their choice this week. They chose to do an art lesson. We had to throw a portrait and paint it. They demonstrated on the whiteboard how to draw it and we did our best to replicate it on our pages. The girl’s organised

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6th Class Blog – Week 20

Confirmation: we are starting to get a little nervous in the class about Confirmation, but our teacher assures us there is nothing to worry about. It takes place this Saturday and Bishop Fintan will be there to lead the service. We have just been fitted for our gowns and gotten our name tags so it’s all getting very ‘real’. We finished the Confirmation noticeboard

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6th Class Blog – Week 19

Watership Down Project: the class are engaging in a very challenging and interesting project based on the novel Watership Down. The class have been split into 8 groups and the projects to complete include Create a rabbit magazine Create a children’s story about El-ahrairah Create a recount writing piece based on the story Create diary entries based on 3 characters Create 10 watercolour paintings

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