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6th Class Blog – Week 6

Science Week: This week was science week. We were tasked with putting on a science exhibition for the school. We all worked really hard on our experiments. On Thursday we presented our science projects to the whole school. It was so much fun and we had a great time and so did all the other children. Class Photo: we all got our school photos back.

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6th Class Blog – Week 5

Student Lesson: Last week Cathal did his student lesson which was golf.We had so much fun learning how to play golf.He thought us the proper way to hold a golf club.We then took some shots and we learned some golf tips.We love doing student lessons as it is a fun way to show your talents.This week Conor did his student lesson it was wrestling!

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6th Class Blog – Week 4

Silhouette Art Work: This week 6th class made cool silhouettes. We made the backrounds nice and colourful  with colouring pencils.Then we cut out black and white pictures of our faces and glued them onto a black sheet of card. Then we cut out our faces and we were left with a nice silhouette of our faces. It was a really fun art lesson. Can

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6th Class Blog – Week 3

Reach For The Stars: 6th class traced out our arms and hands and put them reaching for our goals for this year. We wrote our goals for the year on stars. Our goals range from getting on the quiz team to winning an art competition or becoming Student of the Year! Lets hope we can all achieve our goals and have an amazing last

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6th Class Blog – Week 2

Singing in Assembly: This week in Assembly, 6th class performed Shotgun By George Ezra and it was super fun! We had been practicing the song all this week so we were confident of doing a good job. All the classes in the school assembly were very happy to sing along with us and we cant wait to do it again!! 6th Class Swimming: This

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