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Blog Update #22

Learning Guitar: In Mr. Scully’s 6th class we are learning guitar. We have learned five chords. We have already preformed for Dani. We have learned one song [Songbird by Oasis] and we are learning another song [Riptide by Vance Joy] a well known song.Learning guitar is so fun! Portrait Art: Lets face it, we did self portrait and learned how to draw people and

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Blog Update #1

We are the new 6th class and here is our first blog post of the New Year!

Blog Update #10

Student Lesson – Zoe: it was the turn of Zoe F. to give her student lesson to the class. She decided to teach what she knows – fuel! She gave a great lesson on the various products they sell in their store. Who knew there were so many different typed of coal?! There were plenty of questions for Zoe after the presentation and she

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Blog Update #9

Pancakes: It was pancake Tuesday this week. Mr. Scully bought pancake mix and while we were learning the tin whistle Daniel and Bobby cooked the pancakes for us. The pancakes were delicious; some people put lemon, sugar or chocolate spread on their pancakes. Chess: 6th class are going to be teaching 3rd, 4th and 5th class how to play chess. There is a chess tournament

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Blog Update #8

PE – Basketball: we have just completed a 6 week basketball programme for PE. The main thing we learned is that we hadn’t a clue how to play basketball before this! Now we can safely say we know what ‘double dribbling’ is and what ‘traveling’ is. We did many different dribbling, passing, pivoting and shooting drills and had plenty of matches to perfect our

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