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6th Class Blog – Week 15

Clay: This week sixth class made some cool clay creations. They turned out  amazing. First we had to make two pinch pots. Then we stuck them together and turned them into faces. We had chickens,witches and silly faces. We had so much fun learning about clay. Dance Competition: Sheena and Madison took part in Celtic Spirit  dance  competition in Co.Mayo and did us proud by winning

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6th Class Blog – Week 14

Student Lesson – Jessica – Pancakes: On Tuesday we made pancakes. Sheena brought her crepe maker. Sheena and Jessica made the pancakes, this was also their student lesson. We each got a turn to make a pancake. It was really fun and we hope we get to make them again! Confirmation: This week and next week is very important for six class. We are

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6th Class Blog – Week 13

Cycling:On Thursday, Martin and Louise came out from Birr with the Cycle Right program to teach us about bike safety and the rules of the road. They then brought us outside for an hour to cycle bikes around the courts and to learn different things about bikes. This is a four week program and we can’t wait for them to come back next week.

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6th Class Blog – Week 12

Valentine’s Day Art: This week 6th class made some Valentine’s Day art based on the theme of ‘All You Need is Love’. It was lots of fun. First we debated the topic. After that we had to write poem’s and add them into our art work. Everyone complemented our art work .It brightened up our classroom and brought a positive energy as well. Basketball:

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6th Class Blog – Week 11

Irish Shows: This week in our class we split into three small groups to make short Irish shows. We had lots of fun making them and there was an extra challenge because we had to use certain phrases in our shows. Here is a picture from one of our short shows. Collecting Earthworms: we are currently learning about the life of an earthworm in science

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