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Bloggy Blog 4

Guitar: the whole class are learning guitar this year as part of our music programme. We do guitar in class every Tuesday in two groups. We have also been able to do guitar after schools on Monday with Ms. Bourke We have learned the songs Songbird, Perfect and Save Your Tears all ready. At the end of the year we will have to perform

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Bloggy Blog 3

Buddy Reading: we do Buddy Reading twice a week with Junior Infants. We are partnered with Ms. O’Connell’s class. Our job is to read a book to our buddy. So far we have been reading fairy tales. It is good fun, but it can also be difficult to keep our buddies focused. We have to ask them lots of questions to keep them listening

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Bloggy Blog 2

Chess/Ficheall: we are learning the game chess at the moment. We learn one new piece per week and to make things more difficult we try to play as Gaeilge. Every Thursday after school and on rainy days at lunch we stay inside and learn chess! Mr. Scully has told us that there are two chess tournaments to prepare for so we all have goals

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Bloggy Blog 1

Welcome to the Bloggy Blog! it is the bloggiest blog in the whole blogosphere #blogolicious. This picture was taken on our first day of 6th class and we can’t wait to start our blog! Tune in each week for updates!!

The Big Blog 15

Student Lesson: congrats to Ryan and Christian who taught a difficult volleyball lesson to the class. They focused on the serve for our new skill and organised drills and matches for us to practice the skill in. We all had fun but the hot sun left a few of us very tired at the end! Autism Unit Soccer Lesson: Ryan, Christian, Neala, Alex, Rebecca

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