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6th Class Blog – Week 18

Human Body: in our science class we are learning all about the human body. We have been studying the various organs and systems you find in our bodies. We were put into groups and we had to create our very own human body complete with organs. It was very interesting and we learned lots of biology by doing this. Erasmus Trip: Cian and Jessica

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6th Class Blog – Week 17

Knitting : This week sixth class are learning how to knit. We will be making a blanket (and possibly something a little bit more complicated if we are able for it) using these squares and sewing them all together. The blanket is for our graduation which will be in the coming weeks. Here is our progress so far. Let’s Face It – We Are Awesome

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6th Class Blog – Week 16

Soccer: This week the boys from our school  went to Ballymacky in Nenagh to play a soccer match . The  A Team won all their matches and got  through to the County Final.  The B team and C team lost their matches but played a really well. We are really  looking forward to the County Final. Science: We are learning all about chemistry in our Class.

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6th Class Blog – Week 15

Clay: This week sixth class made some cool clay creations. They turned out  amazing. First we had to make two pinch pots. Then we stuck them together and turned them into faces. We had chickens,witches and silly faces. We had so much fun learning about clay. Dance Competition: Sheena and Madison took part in Celtic Spirit  dance  competition in Co.Mayo and did us proud by winning

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6th Class Blog – Week 14

Student Lesson – Jessica – Pancakes: On Tuesday we made pancakes. Sheena brought her crepe maker. Sheena and Jessica made the pancakes, this was also their student lesson. We each got a turn to make a pancake. It was really fun and we hope we get to make them again! Confirmation: This week and next week is very important for six class. We are

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