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6th Class Blog – Week 7

1000 piece Jigsaw Competition! This week on the blog we were working on our jigsaws. At the start of the year we were split into groups to start on our jigsaws. Each group was given a jigsaw with 1000 pieces to complete. The jigsaw that’s doing the best is the space jigsaw. They have all the planets finished but it’s going to get very

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6th Class Blog – Week 6

Guess What? For the past couple of weeks we have been earning tickets for our exceptional behavior. When we get a ticket we use it to write our guess of how many sweets in our “Guess What?” jar. This month our winner was Conor Murphy. He made a guess of 207 ,which was correct! Conor won the content of the jar and was kind

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6th Class Blog-Week 5

Class Photo: we recently had our class photo taken in the school hall. It really is cool seeing how much we have grown up compared to junior infants! The Trophy Cabinet: This year we as a school are proud to display our achievements in this amazing trophy cabinet. Hopefully we will add more silverware to it this year and in years to come. Our

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6th Class Blog- Week 4

Ultimate Frisbee: This week we were learning about Ultimate Frisbee. It is involves 2 teams with 7 players on each team. It is a non-contact sport. We had so much fun playing this amazing sport! Chess: Throughout the year we will be learning how to play chess. Chess is a 1v1 game involving pawns, castles, horses, kings and queens. At the start of the

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6th Class Blog – Week 3

Inspirational Quotes: This year we have decorated our school with inspirational quotes all over the walls of our school. Some of these quotes are “We cant control what others say but we can control what we believe” ” Hard work beats talent when ┬átalent doesn’t work” “and Shoot for the moon even if you miss you reach among the stars”.Seeing these quotes boost our

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