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Blog Update #2

School Choir: Our school choir has been very busy practicing for the Late Late Toy Show. We all hope for them to be featured on the Late Late Toy Show with Ryan Tubridy. We would also like to thank all the teachers who give up their time and assist with choir. From everyone in Corville we wish you all the best of luck, especially

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Blog Update #1

by Zoe Fairbrother (photos) and Alicia Murphy (blogger). Reach for the Stars: We are reaching for the stars here in 6th class! Reaching for the goals we wish to achieve this year. The sky is your limit!! We all made our own personal goals for the year. At the end of the year we will review the ‘stars’ to see if we reached our

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6th Class Here We Come!

We are looking forward to our last year in Corville. All theĀ  projects and the trips are gonna be very exciting. We will blog about everything we do this year!!

6th Class Signing Off!!!

Believe it or not this will be our last blog post of the school year. We have had lots of fun writing the blog for you guys and we will miss bringing you all the news from our class. However, we have to go and we know the next 6th class will do a great job. Bye for now 6th class!! We leave you

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6th Class Blog – Week 19

Survival Walk in the Slieve Blooms: the class went on day long trek in the Slieve Blooms last week. Our 3 guides brought us on the Glenbarrow trailhead, Old Mill Loop. We got to see waterfalls, old abandoned houses, forest trails, huts, the stoney man and the metal man. It was great fun and something a little different. It took us 3 hours to

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