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The Big Blog 8

Student Lesson – Torres: each week a student from the class must teach a lesson. They can choose any topic they want for this. So far lessons have included – astrology, cooking, hockey etc. This week it was the turn of Torres who taught a soccer lesson. He included warm-ups, drills and matches and we all learned a lot and had good fun. Our

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The Big Blog 7

We have continued in our efforts this week to make our room look more Christmassy. We think we are doing a great job! Christmas Lights – Mr. Halpin did a great job hanging up our Christmas lights. Christmas Tree – thanks to Zoe and Alex for putting up our Tree and decorations. Christmas Decorations Christmas Art – making Christmas Trees: in last week’s art

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The Big Blog 6

Science Week: our class was heavily involved in Science Week. We did lots of experiments in our own class but we also went around giving demonstrations to other classes. Students from the class were also in charge of Corville Radio on the intercom. It was a great experience. The highlight of the week was the Science Exhibition. On Friday we took part in a

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The Big Blog 5

Family History: In history class we recently had to do a project on our family history for homework. After focusing on the entire historical timeline of Ireland it was cool to be able to place our own family history somewhere on that timeline. In the class, there were plenty of Celts, Vikings, Normans, English and more recent immigrants to Ireland from mainland Europe. We

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The Big Blog 4

Tag Rugby: each Thursday our class get to do tag rugby with a coach from Roscrea RFC. We do some drills and have a match (which gets quite competitive!). We love this ‘Bonus PE Lesson’ as Mr. Scully calls it and we hope it lasts all year! Hot Food: we are loving the hot food we get every day for lunch. There are a

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