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Bloggy Blog 8

Science Week 2022: We had a key role to play in this year’s Science Week. As we are in 6th class now, we are given more responsibility to do cool things, like going class to class performing experiments (e.g. Tom & Noah doing tea bag experiement, Jacob, Bobby and Jack showing Static electricity with the Van DeGraaf). We also did a lot of dangerous

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Bloggy Blog 7

All Ireland Minor Cup: Former student Harry Loughnane returned to the school with the All Ireland minor cup he won with Tipperary this year. It was cool to see and hold the cups. Hopefully we can be as successful as Harry in the future. We just need to keep working hard! Roscrea Hurling Club, Intermediate winners: we gave the Roscrea senior hurlers a guard

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Bloggy Blog 6

Maths Week: we had lots of fun during Maths Week. In our class we had a maths quiz and a maths table competition. We did a maths trail, took part in the daily maths problems and focused more on all things maths. Noah and Gabriel were voted as joint Mathematicians of the Week in our class, so big congrats to them! Tag Rugby: each

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Bloggy Blog 5

Ploughing Championships: we had a great day out at the ploughing champs. It was a fine, sunny day for the trip and we were delighted to get a day out. The crowds there were huge and were recorded as being a record for the event. This made it very difficult to keep track of everyone! The best attractions for us were the TikTok house

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Bloggy Blog 4

Guitar: the whole class are learning guitar this year as part of our music programme. We do guitar in class every Tuesday in two groups. We have also been able to do guitar after schools on Monday with Ms. Bourke We have learned the songs Songbird, Perfect and Save Your Tears all ready. At the end of the year we will have to perform

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