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Guitar: the whole class are learning guitar this year as part of our music programme. We do guitar in class every Tuesday in two groups. We have also been able to do guitar after schools on Monday with Ms. Bourke We have learned the songs Songbird, Perfect and Save Your Tears all ready. At the end of the year we will have to perform on stage for our Graduation. It will be nerve-racking but so much fun too!

Family History: in history class we explored the entire history of Ireland. As part of that project we had to find out when our family name was first introduced to Ireland – were we Celt origin? Viking? Norman? English?  It was fascinating to learn about how all our ancient relatives arrived in Ireland.

Fastest on the Draw Quiz: our class are responsible for organising the popular Fastest on the draw buzzer quiz between 3rd and 4th class and 5th and 6th class. Teams of 3 compete against each other and we are responsible for asking the questions and keeping score. We are at the quarter final stages now if this knock out competition and hope to have the final ready for the last week of Term 1.


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