6th Class Signing Off!!!

Believe it or not this will be our last blog post of the school year. We have had lots of fun writing the blog for you guys and we will miss bringing you all the news from our class. However, we have to go and we know the next 6th class will do a great job. Bye for now 6th class!! We leave you with our final goodbye poem we created for our grad.

Our Journey Through Corville

We are the Class of 2019

And this is the last time we’ll be seen

As students walking through these halls

We’ve got to go, secondary school calls


When I first arrived my eyes were red

I wanted to leave but I stayed instead.


Our junior infant teacher was a very kind soul.

Ms. Kirwin was her name or Ms. Kelly as she’s now known


In senior infants we had Ms. Frawley

She kinda reminds me of Matilda’s Ms. Honey

Why? Because she was so sweet and funny.


In 1st class we had Ms. O’Connell and she was really cool.

There were always mischievous elves in the bathroom.

She worked so hard teaching our class.

We can safely say we had a blast.


In 2nd class we had Ms. Dillon.

That year was absolutely thrillin.

In 3rd class we had Ms. Fitzpatrick

When we found out, we were so ecstatic.

In 4th class we had Ms. Morrisroe

We taught her how to dab, it was quite a show


In 5th class we had Ms. Darcy.

She was a great teacher, on that we all agree.

She taught us how to play tennis

We had fun but were a bit of a menace


Strangely, every year we had female teachers who were blonde.

Until Mr. Scully came and sure his hair is nearly gone!

We would like to thank him for all he has done.

For helping us to be the students we’ve become.


Mr. Slattery is the best principal you will find

He is really nice and also kind.

He has been here in Corville for all our years

When we leave there may be tears

Of joy or sadness who can know

When your time is up you gotta go.


We have been here in Corville since we were 2 + 2

Some of us were older, but still, the 8 years flew.

That 8 year journey has been so much fun

But now we are sad, for school is almost done.

We thank the teachers, SNAs and all the staff

When we were upset they always made us laugh.


For the 19 students in our class

I hope our friendship will always last

We came as strangers we leave as friends

We’ll always be remembered in Corville, but here our journey ends.


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