6th Class Blog- Week 2

Art: This week in 6th Class we did art called ‘Reach For The Stars.’ We traced our hands and cut them out along with stars with our goals for the year written on them. We put the art up on our door for the whole school to admire!


Fitness Test: On Wednesday the class took part in a Fitness Test. We ran around the basketball court for as long as we could. Nearly everyone got at least five minutes while some people were able to stay going for ten minutes! We all had lots of fun!


30-Day-Challenge: Throughout the month we are going to be doing the 30-Day-Challenge. Everyday we have to do several exercises including: Push ups, press ups, the plank, squats etc. and everyday we add on one more rep. (For example, today we did eight of each exercise so on Monday we will do nine.) 


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