6th Class Blog – Week 19

Watership Down Project: the class are engaging in a very challenging and interesting project based on the novel Watership Down. The class have been split into 8 groups and the projects to complete include

  1. Create a rabbit magazine
  2. Create a children’s story about El-ahrairah
  3. Create a recount writing piece based on the story
  4. Create diary entries based on 3 characters
  5. Create 10 watercolour paintings of the main characters
  6. Create a missing rabbit adventure
  7. Project Director – create a style sheet, colour palette etc.

The 8th task is the most interesting of all and it is the one that we all wanted to be apart of. The task is to be part of a News Team; the objective being to interview people in other groups and enquire as to their progress. There is also 1 final big News Broadcast to create live from Watership Down. It is nerve-wracking being videod but I suppose we will get used to it. The video interview below is our first attempt and it only took 26 takes to get right!!!

Literacy Quiz: congrats to Matthew and Molly who came 2nd in the big Literacy quiz on Thursday. The quiz was all based on your knowledge of children’s literature and we had great fun attending it.



Animal Welfare Project: For the past week we have been working on our Animal Welfare project. In groups of four we decided on what we would focus on – some chose circus animal abuse while others chose hunted animals, battery farms etc. There were five groups and each group had to choose two types of animal abuse to write about. Each person in the group was assigned a job to do. Some people did drawings and other people wrote out paragraphs. There are a few things every group needs to improve on but in the end we were delighted with how it all turned out and we learned a lot from doing it.

animal welfare

The blogger and photographer this week were Abi and Darragh.


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